Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make recommendations for flights to Jamaica and where do I fly into?
Air Jamaica, American, Northwest, Continental, US Air and charter companies all fly into Montego Bay, Jamaica. Plan your trip to coincide with our pre-arranged airport pickup. Arrival by mid-day; departure mid-day or early afternoon. Transportation at the airport will cost you anywhere between $60-$150 each way if you choose to travel at other times.

How will I find the driver at the airport?
Not to worry, our driver/s will find you! This is where your Jamaica Journey begins. The trip across the Island is a visual introduction to the country and culture, best done in daylight. It takes about 1 1/2 hrs. to 2 1/2 hrs. depending on your lodging and the week you choose. A memo will be sent to you describing where to exit the airport and how to page the driver should you become confused. No one has ever been lost or forgotten yet!

Can I extend my trip by coming earlier or staying later?
Yes, you will be provided the appropriate numbers to make your extended arrangements via telephone or fax to Jamaica. You will also need to arrange for airport pickup or dropoff. Since ground transportation and lodging for Jamaica Journeys is included as a packaged price only for the scheduled week you will be responsible for these additional costs. Confirm the rates when you call or fax.

Is there any night life?
The South Coast is still very much the untouristed coast of Jamaica. There is minimal, local night life. Churches have music several nights a week and guests are welcome. Sometimes other entertainment presents itself, but for the most part nocturnal activities are moon-watching or star-gazing, in the pool or hanging in a hammock.

Do I have to share a room and what are the accommodations like?
There is a single supplement somewhere between $210. & $300. depending upon the accommodation for the week you choose. The rooms are simple and comfortable, very Caribbean in style with private bath and verandah. Some have water views.

What about the water and food? Do I have to take precautions?
No problems with either water or food at the places we stay and where we go as a group. In fact, as a general rule Jamaica does not have the problems with food and water that other places have. Use common sense when on your own.

What is not included in the package price and how much money should I bring?
Your cost includes all scheduled ground transportation, lodging, most meals, field trips, program, and guides. It does not include airfare, drinks, lunches, unscheduled transportation, single supplement or optional services like massage or horseback riding. It is difficult to judge another person's spending habits. Massage is in the $60. range. Lunches anywhere from $10. on up. Shopping is a limited activity.

What about my personal safety? I have heard that Jamaica is not a safe place.
Yes, I hear this myself. I can tell you about my own experience. I have been bringing women on Jamaica Journeys since 1990 without incident. You can view their comments under testimonies. I first came to Jamaica on holiday almost twenty years ago, then returned to do field work. A good deal of my time was spent driving all over the Island, in Kingston and in the remotest areas, in an old '76 Corolla that periodically broke down, requiring and receiving kind assistance from local people wherever I happen to be. Since 1987 I have lived in Jamaica for three or four months a year. I consider Jamaica my winter home.

Do you have trips to other destinations besides Jamaica Journeys?
Yes, see other journeys.

No better way to see Jamaica
for women who want more than a vacation.

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