Accolades from Jamaica Journeys' Travelers

"It was the best vacation I ever had." Judy S., MN

"I loved exploring different forms of writing, stretching my mind." Cornelia D., MA

"A fantastic week, the time alone, a rare commodity in my life." Nancy M., MA

"What a truly wonderful week I had." Jo R., PA

"Healing ambiance, dreamy unspooling, soothing, atmospheric magic." Caroline C., DC

"Great chance to practice living in the moment." Rebecca G., MN

"A good blend of being in Jamaica and being in ourselves, felt very integrated." Edith J. MA

"I loved the flow between self-reflection and fun." Lana A., MA

"I enjoyed the wonderful women, the sunshine, warmth, de-frosting, the beautiful sea and flowers." Susan M. , MA

"A time of re-birth…Jamaica is now a part of my psyche." Pat J., VT

"This was just about the most wonderful thing I have ever done in my life." Elise J., MA

"Loved the diversity both of the group and the experience." Kathy M., RI

"Magical Jamaican holiday which really brought me home to myself." Ro H., WI

"Complete relaxation-pampering of self on every level from food to weather." Judy S., MA

"This was a journey that took me outside of myself and opened me up to a whole new world of adventure and friendship." Kathy S., MA

No better way to see Jamaica
for women who want more than a vacation.